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BlockTree is the pioneer in Asia to apply verification technology by using NFT to ensure trust, transparency, and trackability between Sponsors and Planters.

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BlockTree also provides a comprehensive toolkit from collecting data at the planting site to optimizing resources and transmitting data directly to our Partners in real time.

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Cardano blockchain is chosen by BlockTree to store data due to its bespoke design based on peer-reviewed research, high security and the greatest scale capability in comparison to other chains on market.

BlockTree's stories

Reforestation is an extremely urgent work of all countries to reduce the heavy impact of climate change on our Earth.

Many individuals and organizations want to contribute to afforestation, but they have no way of knowing for sure that their funding is being used for the right purposes. Therefore, there is a need for a solution to increase the trust and proactive tracking of afforestation.

BlockTree is a blockchain-based technology platform to use NFTs and connect Planters and Sponsors in Asia with the desire to "Plant the trees, Heal Mother Earth".

BlockTree will NFT
1 million forest tree by 2025

Pioneering in applying Blockchain technology to create a transparent, trustful afforestation solution and enhance tracking capabilities.

BlockTree's solution

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Step 1
BlockTree connects Sponsors and Planters and performs verifications at the intended planting site.

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Step 2
Planters use BlockTree's application to collect data at the planting site and update the developments on trees, greened areas, etc. This data will be put on the Blockchain network to be minted into dynamic NFTs.

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Step 3
NFT is stored and distributed to the wallet addresses of the parties concerned for updating/retrieval at any time. These NFTs can also be displayed as proof of the positive impact they have made on their social media accounts.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. BlockTree is committed to accompany you to green the Earth.

Our Partners

BlockTree - NFT 1 million forest trees needs your hand in saving our Earth!

Technology Platform

Supporting Fund

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Product Roadmap

Q3 2022



  • Planter Mobile App
  • Sponsor Portal

Q4 2022


Planter Empowerment

  • Planter Planning Portal

Q1 2023


Community Involvement

  • Token Wallet

Q2 2023


User Experience Enhancement

  • Native apps for end user
  • Portal support reporting in real time